DEBJANI AT Abbeydale Ind Hamlet 041

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Lowest Common Denominator

Lord, you told us: ‘Go forth and multiply.’
Did you think you could manipulate us?
But we are contrary creatures:
We’ve been dividing ever since.
You reckoned without us calculators.

Copyright © Debjani Chatterjee
Debjani Chatterjee’s poem is taken from her collections: I Was That Woman (Hippopotamus Press, Frome, 1989), and Namaskar: New & Selected Poems (Redbeck Press, 2004).

POEMS from Do You Hear the Storm Sing?


Today I blew up the Northern General - again;
bulldozed the waiting room in Hell
where I had sat all morning in a silly gown;
I strangled the arrogant GP who knew so little
but pretended to know it all;
my itching hands throttled the oncologists:
the indifferent one who swanned off on holiday,
forgetful of referring me for a Hickman Line
under anaesthesia at a half-decent hospital,
and the one who lost my consent form and thrust me
into a nightmare place of endless screams;
I fought the boffin butcher who drilled holes in me;
and finally I exterminated
every homicidal side-kick masquerading
as an angel of mercy...
All these things and more I did today.

Copyright © Debjani Chatterjee


Soccer legend Mia Hamm
Never really gave a damn
for the critics who proclaim
women cannot play this game.

Copyright © Debjani Chatterjee
American footballer Mia Hamm played in four women’s World Cup finals and scored more international goals (158) than any other footballer - male or female.

POEM from
Albino Gecko


In the elephant
orchestra, don't expect to
blow your own trumpet.

If you belittle
the elephant, prepare for
jumbo to squash you.

Copyright © Debjani Chatterjee

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