Car diagnostics at service stations: when is it needed and what to check

Before buying a used car , find out what its technical condition is. Unlike new cars at dealerships, handheld cars have a history. Sometimes it is not as bright and cloudless as we would like. Consider situations when you need to call in a service for a check, and when this can be neglected, how to choose a service station, and how much it will cost to diagnose a car before buying. Visit this link to gain more ideas: how much does a car inspection cost

When to go to the service

The first sign that the car needs to be checked at the service station is the “storyteller”. Such people always have “only a scratched bumper”. Even if the car at first glance seems more alive than all living things, but it seems to you that the seller is too cruel when talking about the car - check the car at the service before buying.

Be sure to take the car to the service station if:

· The seller is not credible when meeting .

· The vehicle is not under warranty (over 5 years old).

· The car looks suspicious (parts of different shades, strange engine sound).

· The model has a number of weaknesses that need to be tested.

The machine is not fresh, and the warranty has expired - entrust the check to specialists. The craftsmen will also tell you about the real condition of the car, and note which parts are already "suitable" for the resource.

The car you are interested in looks sad, but attracts with a low price - do not rush to make a purchase, you should check it in the service. This is a rarity, but sometimes cheap and "tired" cars turn out to be in good working order and need a minimum of investment.

Known "children's sores", what breaks down on literally every car of this model? Give it to the masters for verification, they will tell you whether the "Achilles heel" has already changed or will require replacement soon.

How to choose a service station and not overpay

If you do not live in a village where everyone is serviced in the same garage service, choose a service station carefully. There are several ways to choose a service:

· reviews on the Internet;

· recommendations of friends;

· official dealer.

First of all, we turn to the global network. Reviews in aggregators, ratings of car services, company websites - all this will help you make your choice.

Choose from specialized services, look for those who work with cars of a specific brand. The craftsmen in such places know the specific cars better and know the approach to them. Focus on the average price tag in specialized service stations, compare prices for services in several companies. This will help you not to overpay for the work.

Recommendations from relatives, friends or acquaintances are a great way to choose a workshop. People who have already made a choice and found good service will give a worthwhile recommendation. But even if they give good advice, look for yourself - you may find a service station better.

For the wealthy and distrustful, there are service stations with official dealers. It is expensive here, but strictly according to quality certificates. There is a car dealership of every popular brand in every major city, here you can check a car before buying it from a dealer.

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